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Profile: Allan Smith, Precept

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Name:  Allan Smith

Company: Precept

Position: Account Director

LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/allansmithtrust/




What services does your company provide: Precept is a brand performance business that creates more value from your identity, digital and marketing activity.


Typically businesses engage with us when they are frustrated that they don't have a clear plan for brand, digital and marketing development.


This means they're disappointed that website traffic isn't converting into sales, confused as to how to develop their brand into a profitable asset and ultimately overwhelmed by the size and scale of the resources needed to deliver key projects.


What are the Unique Selling Points of your company:  Put simply, we understand ROI. Our performance is measured and monitored by our clients on an ongoing basis.


We work with our clients to develop their Brand Performance Strategy. As part of this approach, we agree a series of KPIs up front which measure our performance on a quarterly basis. These are directly linked with the objectives of that client.


That way both sides understand what success looks like. And, how we are going to achieve it together.


What are the key aspects of your job role: The key aspects of my role include client liaison, on-boarding and development. Through doing this, I help promote Precept to our key audiences across the sectors that we operate within.


Why should people get in touch with you: Great question.


Usually, businesses in the property and leasehold sector get in touch with us if they are frustrated that their website either isn’t delivering the right type of traffic, or that the traffic itself isn’t converting once it’s on the site.


Other factors driving calls to our door in this area include businesses that are apprehensive about how they can drive a return on investment from their brand, digital and marketing activity, or they are nervous about how they go about developing their brand to deliver profits.


If any of those issues sound familiar, I’d be delighted to have an informal chat with you on the night, or you can email me allan@precept.co.uk 


What sports do you follow/what teams do you support/what hobbies do you take part in: I’m a huge fan of horse racing and I’ve even got a small share in a horse that does fairly well – it’s won a few races, I’m pleased to say! I’m also a big Sunderland AFC supporter, although that’s certainly not pleased me as much as the horse, despite our now global fame via Netflix! I like keeping fit too and I tend to train about 5/6 times a week, doing things like circuit training or Tabata training.


Favourite drink: I have a few favourites. I love a beer and a nice red wine, but sometimes a good gin or dark rum does the trick!


Where did you last go on holiday: My last holiday was a family trip to Lanzarote. It was wonderful - although with 13 of us in total, it was a bit hectic! Most days were sheer madness with the kids, but some were spent relaxing with my lovely wife. It was a fantastic couple of weeks.


Interesting fact about yourself : I once met Angelina Jolie at an event in London back when Tomb Raider was released and she was lovely. I’ve also got a black belt in Wado Ryo Karate, which I got in 1994. Strangely, I’ve never been back since then! Another is that I’ve seen The Stranglers play live over 100 times. Mind you, I first saw them 1980 and they’ve been touring ever since.


A goal you have set for yourself: I’m a Rotarian and get great pleasure helping the less fortunate in life. Once my children have all gone to university, it’s my goal to take on a bigger role within the charity sector.


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