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Profile: Michael Sims, Jackson Sims Recruitment

Friday, February 1, 2019

Just under a week away from our next event and we are back with a new profile. This time round we have the one and only Michael Sims of Jackson Sims Recruitment. 


Apparently this is the only photo he had....


Name:  Michael Sims

Company: Jackson Sims Recruitment

Position: Director

LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michaelsimsmirpm/




What services does your company provide: Jackson Sims Recruitment is a boutique property recruitment consultancy with a modern approach. Having built a highly talented pool of individuals within our network we ensure that we make the best match possible for both client and candidate, allowing companies to hire the best talent and for candidates to fulfil their career ambitions.


What are the Unique Selling Points of your company:  With a combined 20 years in the industry, we really understand the market and we are in a great position to serve both those looking to hire or progress their career. Being a senior property manager for 10 years has given me a unique insight that has proved beneficial time and time again.We work with people to identify their needs and put together a plan to help them obtain the best possible outcome. We are also selective with the work we take on, ensuring we can dedicate enough time to each role or individual contrary to our peers. We have always found that the high-volume method of working with big agencies tends to lead to poor quality of work.


What are the key aspects of your job role: Initially my role is to consult, and that means to engage with any party that has a query no matter how big or small. This is at no obligation whether if this discussion does lead into taking on a new vacancy or candidate coming on board the role changes into a more proactive one. This then involves matching people to companies and reaching out to our established network.


Why should people get in touch with you: People should get in contact with us whether they are looking for a new role or not. We are not here to fire off lots of CV’s, we are here to help people to build a career, be it now, in a year or five years’ time. We also work with clients to help improve their recruitment process if required and link them with the best talent in the industry.We find that due to our discretion, experience and relationship management within the industry a lot of people like to work exclusively with us.


What sports do you follow/what teams do you support/what hobbies do you take part in: I am a massive sports fan and watch anything from football, tennis to horse racing. I am a die-hard supporter and season ticket holder at The Arsenal. Although I unfortunately do not play football anymore, I try my best to attend the gym and go on the odd run.


Favourite drink: Tough question! How many favourites can I have? Beer, red wine, gin, even a cocktail with a nice sparkler in it, I am not fussy!


Where did you last go on holiday: I went to Riga in Latvia to wander the festive Christmas markets. It was a great trip and I have no doubt this will become a very popular travel destination in the next few years.


Interesting fact about yourself : I visited 14 different countries last year; other countries and cultures fascinate me plus I love trying different foods. I have been told I make the best spicy noodle soup in Epping!I was also on Nickelodeon as a kid, which resulted in me missing a penalty kick, live on TV.


A goal you have set for yourself: To grow on the success of being the go to recruiter in the industry and to take over the world...To win this week’s Euromillions would be nice, but don’t worry, I will still be around to take your call Monday.



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