Introducing Leasehold Social

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

It's time for a change. Something that keeps us on message but still delivers fresh, engaging events for the leasehold sector. 


We are delighted to introduce Leasehold Social!

But just before we get there...Young Leasehold Professionals isn't going anywhere - far from it. This is a chance for YLP to really shine. Let us explain.


YLP will now concentrate on providing top quality events solely for the under 35s, designed on inspiring the future of our industry to think outside the box, innovate and really drive leasehold forward. This starts with our Inspirational Day on the 16th August which is already shaping up to be a fantastic event.


Leasehold Social will take over the reins of our networking events. We understand that some people have been put off coming to the previous events as they felt they were too old - such a shame. We want our evening networking events to be as inclusive as possible. Leasehold Social seems like a much more apt name. The first event will be during the evening of 16th August, details will follow soon.


Colin & Nick are still your go to for both types of events, we just feel this clear branding will lead to the best engagement and interaction with the events, which is really important to the both of us.


Please get in touch with either of us directly should you have any questions, we would be happy to hear from you.




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