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Profile: Darren Waitson, Nirvana

Friday, June 15, 2018

With only a few days to go until our next event, teaming up with the amazing Doyenne. We will be bringing you a profiles on each of our sponsors - who we all owe a huge thanks, without them, our events would not be possible.


First up Darren Waitson the owner of Nirvana who is scared of heights! Lucky for him the event next week is in the basement room of Jak's! 


Name:  Darren Waitson

Company: Nirvana

Position: Founder & CEO

LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/darrenwaitson/





What services does your company provide: Nirvana specialise exclusively in the residential block and estate sector. We provide a full range of services such as fire defence, electrical, heating, plumbing and general maintenance and therefore by working exclusively with property managers the team fully understands and takes on the challenges the sector faces day in day out. We have a very strong emphasis on clear communication, reliability and ensuring that we represent our clients in a professional manner at all times.


What are the Unique Selling Points of your company:  We are a family run business and passionately care for our clients and ultimately their residents. Safety and care is paramount to us and is engrained into everything we do. We are the only specialist contractor who truly operates exclusively in the residential block and estate sector and this has enabled us to listen to our clients over the past 7 years and build a brand which delivers a service that the sector has been crying out for years.


What are the key aspects of your job role: Being team leader and mentor to our growing #TeamNirvana family. We’re a modern, fresh and forward thinking business and I oversee the creation and implementation of great ideas which will shake up and disrupt the sector. The most enjoyable aspect of my role is meeting likeminded and passionate professionals who share the same ambition to be the leaders of our amazing sector.


Why should people get in touch with you: If you would like to either join our growing team, have great idea’s or just want to grab a coffee, beer or glass of wine.


What sports do you follow/what teams do you support/what hobbies do you take part in: I’m a Manchester United season ticket holder. I also love boxing and used to compete a few years ago before getting married!!


Favourite drink: Depends on my mood but you can’t beat a nice cold beer after a long day at work. If I’m out enjoying an evening in a restaurant with friends and family then you can’t beat a nice glass of red.


Where did you last go on holiday: I love holidays. I last went to Italy on the Amalfi coast although I love the far and middle east.


Interesting fact about yourself : I’m petrified of heights. Even as a qualified electrician I used to be scared going up a pair of steps although my desk is a much more comfortable position for me these days.


A goal you have set for yourself: To break down the disconnect between property manager, contractor and resident. All parties must work together to ensure we improve both perception but equally the reality of the sector. I would like to be the catalyst for change in the sector and this can only be achieved by working with likeminded and passionate individuals.



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