Profile: Rajeev Nayyar, Fixflo

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Following on from Fixflo being announced as a sponsor for our Re-launch event. Our next profile is on Co-Founder and Managing Director, Rajeev Nayyar. 



Name:  Rajeev Nayyar

Company: Fixflo

Position: Co-Founder & Managing Director

LinkedIn Profile:





What services does your company provide: We provide software to help property managers deliver maintenance (both planned and reactive) more easily, effectively and compliantly.Our clients include block management companies, build to rent operators, letting agents and commercial property managers and their portfolios span from New Zealand to the US.


What are the Unique Selling Points of your company:  We are a repair management software specialist and with feedback from clients who manage more than 450,000 residential units across the UK (and more internationally) we are constantly looking to improve and innovate.Put simply, our goal is to help professional property managers deliver excellence to their clients and whether as a standalone solution, or integrated with your core property management systems (we have 20+ integration partners!) we want to help you!


What are the key aspects of your job role: My day to day is split into three distinct parts. People: what can I do to help my team to achieve their goals personally and professionally. Strategy: how do we best deliver on our promise to help our clients to deliver excellence to their clients. Leadership: how can technology help to support the future of property management by improving standards.


Why should people get in touch with you: If you’re interested in delivering service enhancements together with operational efficiencies we’d love to speak with you. The delivery of all professional services (including property management) is changing rapidly and hopefully Fixflo is part of the tool-kit to help property managers meet ever-increasing demands.


What sports do you follow/what teams do you support/what hobbies do you take part in: Until the arrival of children I was an enthusiastic (albeit not particularly talented!) rugby player. I’ve been involved in various martial arts from childhood to relatively recently (again enthusiastically rather than with any particular talent) and have just re-started boxing.


Favourite drink: The professional answer would be G&T, the more honest one would be anything Jagermeister-based.


Where did you last go on holiday: I went on a family holiday to the Canary Islands over Christmas with our two young children (3 years old and less than 6 months old). As I walked on the plane I realised that we had become those people that no-one wants to sit near!


Interesting fact about yourself : I was finalist on a TV game show in which answers could only be provided as yes or no. After much embarrassment they “exploded” my head in the final round.


A goal you have set for yourself: I am really keen to better understand the commercial applications of Blockchain in real estate so will be undertaking a 6 week Oxford University course on it later in the year.



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