Profile: Daniel Harrison, Pier Management

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Next up to be profiled is Daniel Harrison, Managing Director of Pier Management. If you would like to be featured please do get in touch with Colin or Nick.



Name:  Daniel Harrison   

Company: Pier Management

Position: Managing Director

LinkedIn Profile:





What services does your company provide: We are the primary agent for the Regis Group who are a nationwide freeholder. Our role is to collect the ground rent and buildings insurance, oversee the management of the blocks by external agents and deal with any reversionary enquiries such as lease extensions.


What are the Unique Selling Points of your company:  A great sense of collaboration amongst departments and entrepreneurialism amongst staff.


How did you become FIRPM so younG: I’ve been working in the block management industry since leaving university and have always seen the benefit of professional qualifications and continued learning. It was an early goal of mine to reach FIRPM status. I think the key is to genuinely enjoy what you do; if you enjoy the work and are passionate about it the rest just follows.


Any advice for our members: Be humble and keep learning. Honesty is also important, don’t be scared to deliver bad news to residents, they will respect you more for putting them in the picture.


What are the key aspects of your job role: Ultimately my role is to provide guidance to the various teams whilst facilitating stakeholder objectives such as financial returns or growth. It’s an extremely varied role but made easier by the great teams that surround me.


Why should people get in touch with you: It’s good to meet new people in the industry; I’ve made some very good contacts over the years and we are all happy to provide advice and help each other out.


What sports do you follow/what teams do you support/what hobbies do you take part in: I enjoy watching motorsports but unfortunately don’t get to partake as often as I would like (although am convinced I could give Lewis Hamilton a run for his money!). My main hobby is mountain biking and you can often find me in the Surrey Hills hurtling down Leith Hill at 40mph. With such a busy and demanding role it’s nice to get outdoors and experience some escapism.


Favourite drink: A fresh mojito on a beach somewhere hot.


Where did you last go on holiday: Lake Garda, Italy. Great food and very beautiful.


Interesting fact about yourself : Despite my ‘need for speed’ I hate rollercoasters.


A goal you have set for yourself: MRICS is a target but generally just to be the best I can be, learn as much as I can and set myself up for the future. The dream is to buy a weekend race car with my brother.



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